Agape Bible Institute

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Agape Bible Institute is a theological college with the mission and vision to equip men and women of God, who have a call and burden to serve the Lord. The Institute mainly aims to train prospective ministers who are not able to undergo any training because of their tie-ups with their family and job and for whom time is an obstacle in fulfilling their desire to study the Word of God.

Presently, Agape Bible Institute has classes going on at three centres, namely Mumbai, Kedgaon and Miraj. It conducts lectures twice a week and on other days the students are encouraged to do practical ministry either with their local church or any other place where God has given them the vision. Agape Bible Institute is accredited with Global University and the curriculum taught here is a standardized one that is internationally recognized. The main objective of this institution is to utilize every available means to mould and train mission minded people to be effective servants of God.